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Reply To: Broken Pipe issue



And this is being served off the mac? I’ve seen similar stuff on Windows, and I had decided it must be the win32 libc.

yep, 2nd internal HD

This wireless, I assume? That second log message looks reasonably serious. Like there are real connection issues.

…router wireless to mac>mac wireless to access point>access point wireless to SB

which I know goes against all the schools of thought of not double-hopping etc etc 😯 I do occasionally get into similar-ish situations with the system crashing like this but generally it’s ok and for a change I acvtually looked in the log to see what it had said to say. (FWIW I run the router/ap on a channel away from the default setting)

I guess my original concern was that the conversion process from shn to aiff was the culprit but looks like you’re inclining towards straight connection issues. I’ll reboot everything (incl. router/ap) and see where that gets me.