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@writeson wrote:


I’ve just installed mt-daapd 2.4.1 on a Ubuntu 6.10 server and it’s serving music to a Roku Soundbridge M1000 no problem. I’m wondering if there are any tools to edit/change the playlist file for the mt-daapd server other than a text editor? Specically, is there something like Amarok that can build and modify playlists that the mt-daapd server will see?

Thanks in advance,

You can make .m3u style playlists using any number of playlist editors… xmms will probably do it, and even amarok may. You’ll just have to make the playlist and save it as a .m3u file somewhere inside the music directory.

Then edit the config file for mt-daapd and set “enable_m3u” to 1, and restart the server. Should fire right up.

— Ron