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Reply To: Latest iTunes can’t see mt-daapd server



@writeson wrote:


I’ve just installed the mt-daapd server on a ubuntu 6.10 desktop and it seems to be running fine. I can see the music server on my Roku Soundbridge M1000 and play music just fine. However, I can’t see the mt-daapd server on iTunes on my Windows laptop. I’m running the latest iTunes (7 something?) and I’m not sure how, or what, to check to get iTunes to see the server. Any help would be appreciated.


What version of mt-daapd, and from source, or from a package? If package, where did it come from?

If you are using the debian “woody” package from sourceforge, the mdns doesn’t work on your new ubuntu. Might try a newer nightly at You’ll want to uninstall you existing package first, and then re-configure your config file, as the config file format has changed.

If that’s not it, or if that doesn’t get you anywhere yell back here.

— Ron