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@Daffy wrote:

I am using Ubuntu 6.10 mit mt-daapd 2.4.0 an it works great!!!!

My problem is, that Itunes 7 don´t show any additional informations about the songs on the server – like datarate, tracknumber and so on …

I think, ITunes don´t save the settings, when i am enable things like tracknumber … When i restart ITunes, the settings are always lost!

But it seems, it is only when i connect to the server – in the local ITunes Database the settings will be saved!!

Any ideas??

Nice greetings from Austria!

David 💡

That’s a known bug fixed by nighlies. You can try that: You might uninstall your existing package first, though, and then re-set your config file, as the config file format has changed.

— Ron