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Reply To: Transcoding and file size in svn-1463



@xaviour wrote:

So quite a big rant to say that the number of type of wav files created by transcoding is quite limited.

Should be, but doesn’t seem to be in practice. The windows transcoder (using the wmp sdk) seems to transcode on a “whatever format I feel like” basis. I think it’s possible to specify what you want to transcode to, but I’m not completely sure.

Likewise, I don’t really know what comes out of ffmpeg — I just set the wav headers based on what it says it is. In any event, I’m not sure you can say with confidence what comes out of the transcoding process until you apply a transcoder to it.

Maybe I’m wrong, but that’s how it seems.

The second remark concerns the “scan-*.c” files: wow! I am must say that I am impressed by the amount of work you did. Getting it right and maintaining it must be a major pain. Would you consider rewriting or having someone rewrite most of the “scan-*.c” to use taglib? After all, the library is already used for Musepack. I understand this is not a priority for you so I can offer my help if you wish.

Yes, in principle I would be. It’s something I’ve already given some thought to, actually. My only real problem with taglib is its c++ nature. Lots of embedded machines (mipsel using the broadcom 3.0 toolchain, probably others) don’t have a g++, which would make it an impossible target on those platforms.

The C api is a wrapper around a c++ core, right?

On the other hand, it would simplify a *lot*, and eventually allow for tag write-back. Which would be nice. I’d *love* to be able to offload that code to someone elses library.

As far as I can see, it should be possible to use taglib for scan-aac, scan-flac, scan-mp3, scan-mp4, scan-mpc and scan-ogg. Moreover if the developer of taglib import some code from Amarok, it could also be possible to use it for scan-aif and scan-wav.

Aif and wav are trivial and insubstantial anyway. The metaparsers should be split from the file metadata anyway, and I don’t think that taglib does file metadata (sample size, etc), or does it?

In any event, I’d be quite willing to entertain the idea. I guess the biggest drawback is the c++ nature. Is it in fact c++? And then, I wonder how big a problem that is, or if its a problem I’m making up?