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@ajayre wrote:

I have a simple m3u playlist file:

..Lightning SeedsPureThe Life Of Riley.mp3
..The SmithsSinglesHow Soon is Now.mp3
..The Wonder StuffConstruction For The Modern IdiotSwell.mp3
..No DoubtTragic KingdomSpiderwebs.mp3
..No DoubtRock SteadyIn My Head.mp3

This was constructed using MusicIP’s Mixer, which has options for configuring how neighbouring songs in the playlist relate to each other. When I load this playlist on my Soundbridge the ordering is changed – I think by artist name. Shuffle is turned off on the SB.

How can I force mt-daapd to serve the playlist in the correct order, so I can take advange of MusicIP’s Mixer features?


In the web based config (server -> web administration -> config -> show advanced options) there is an option called “correct order”. If you set it to “yes”, it should return the way it is in the playlist.

— Ron