Reply To: Playlist for New Year


@X60 wrote:

The only problem I now have is playlists. Firefly does not recognise any playlists created in WMP. Could some one please tell me how to either get Firefly to recognise the playlists I already have, or create new ones to play on the Soundbridge. A couple of dance playlists are needed for a New Years Eve party. Please keep any answers simple!

You should be able to use the wmp ones, but you’ll have to save them as “m3u” playlists instead of “wmp” playlists. That should be an option in the “save as” field. Make sure you save them in a directory under you music, as that’s where firefly looks for them.

Once you’ve saved one, you can test it by going into the web interface (from the general tab in the tray applet) and hitting the “scan” button. It should find the new playlists and fire right up.

Good luck, and yell if you run into problems.

— Ron