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My NAS server is made by a company called Level 1, you buy the NAS with 1 empty slot, and I’ve put in a Maxtor 300G hard drive

the web site for the spec is

Hope this helps in answer to this question


I looked around a bit on this, and I don’t see anyone having made any announced progress on hacking this.

Before arbitrary software can be ported to a system like this, the first thing that someone has to figure out is how to break into the machine to be able to install software (and potentially make replacement firmware).

Nobody seems to have done this yet.

I don’t even see a web site yet consolidating hacking attempts. Either it doesn’t have a large user community, or it’s so recently released that nobody has really gotten a chance to hack on it yet.

In either case, it looks like it will be a while before you’ll be able to run arbitrary binaries on it.

— Ron