Reply To: Access ones remote medialibrary using firefly and a roku


That saying that theres no need any more to use a tunnel or so was more from the technical side. You dont need to run a tunnel to get it to stream any more. Its easier this way and I pointed out how.

Cause I doubt most ppl have been using ssh-tunnels for the safety of it. At least not to get DAAP streaming remote. They most likely just wanted to get it going and ssh-tunnels can be a bit complicated.

But your right. I didnt mention password protecting it at all. Nor the opposite of course. I tested it very shortly without a password myself before I got it all going right though. Thats how I found glitch #1 that I mention. That I would not recommend running it without a password protection open goes without saying or? Or maybe not. Hehe.

Speaking of student dormitories. Thats a different world. I knew one (housing like 200 students) where someone dumped an old PC in the cellar. Someone else hooked it up to the internet and attached 2 cheap harddrives. The thing was running for years totally open and unsecured. Noone knew any more who put it down there. Fully accessible from the internet. Without any updates, passwords set to admin/admin and full off all the whole dormitory community wanted to share. If it was getting too full someone deleted something old. IMHO that thing was never hacked. Probably waaay to boring thing to do if its totally open anyway. I have no idea it still exists but I would not be surprised.

Amazing eh? I certainly found it interesting that this did work for years. And now if someone wants to duplicate that behaviour. be welcome but dont complain to me later hehe.