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Reply To: Access ones remote medialibrary using firefly and a roku



To be honest, I don’t care a bit whether you get in trouble or not, since you seem to be aware of it 😀

But you named the important point – this is a public forum. You’ve got knowledge, and you spread it: you make a clear point by saying

With fireflymediaserver there is no need to run tunnels or VPN any more therefore.

And you don’t even mention the password protection anywhere (over there at the Roku forums). So that’s no longer just you – you recommend a way of doing things to others, giving you responsibility (actually the same one you mentioned as much bigger 😉 ).

Another example: I can keep my own PC clean of viruses without having an antivirus app installed, but I would never recommend this to anyone else.

Or I could look at the statistics and know that everyone gets about three break-ins in his live anyway, so I can just keep my doors unlocked – still wouldn’t recommend that to anyone else.

Ok, the chance in this case is arguable; if you’ve got some rare provider not much will come by; if you’ve got your PC connected to a university network though, especially to a students dormitory network, you’ll have up to a few dozen different attacks per day – some of those tools can be used by just about any script kiddy (and I’ve known enough fellow students who did let a multitude of scanners run 24/7 just for the fun of it)!

I work in the security sector, and at times I had to answer dozens of requests from people each day… all of the type: “but my friend told me I don’t need an antivirus/antimalware/firewall/vpn/whatever”.

Therefore: take whatever risk you want for yourself – but be careful about what advise you give others 😉