Reply To: interaction between iTunes and Firefly


@schro20 wrote:

What’s the cleanest way to do this? Do I tell iTunes on my PC to connect to this share? Or do I move my entire iTunes library to the NAS and then let iTunes on my PC just look at that as a share while Firefly will advertise it to the Roku(s)?

There are many ways to do it. One way would be to make a share on the nas (“music”, maybe?) and do a right-click -> properties and set your “My Music” to point to that share (\servermusic).

Another way would be to map that drive (M:, maybe), configure iTunes to store music on M: rather than “My Music”, and then just rip and transfer stuff to iTunes as normal.

Another way (and the way I use it), is to continue to store music on your computer, but synchronize the music folder with the nas when you add new music. That way, the nas advertises the music all the time, even when the pc is off, but it also acts as a backup.

On my mac, I use rsync, but you might be able to use Unison for windows syncronization. Initial sync takes some time, but after that it isn’t bad.

— Ron