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Reply To: Anyone have a Kurobox step by step?



The web interface doesnt allow you to configure anything? What exactly do you mean by that?

I’ve made you a screenshot:

* Open your browser
* Navigate to http://192.168.x.y:3689/ (use the IP of your server here)
* Enter any name and your password (not sure what the default is 😉 )
* Click on “Configuration” at the left,
* then enter /mnt/iTunes where I have /mnt/media . Make sure about the case – on Linux, “itunes” is NOT the same as “iTunes”, for example.
* Click on Server Status,
* then on Start Scan.
* Wait until then scan is finished.
* In your iTunes, disconnect from the server if you’re still connected (since ti won’t recognize changes once connected)…
* And connect to the server.

the Web interface doesn’t allow me to configure anything” isn’t really a helpful description of what is going wrong, so why don’t you tell us which of the above steps fail 😉