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Reply To: Anyone have a Kurobox step by step?


Digital Larry

I got the Sylver 5.00 (which is apparently a Debian 2.6 variant) and after a couple of hitches got it running just fine on my KuroBox-HG. Even has the mt-daapd installer built-in (not sure of the version) and my Roku found the Kurobox just fine (even though there are no files to serve yet).

That’s a bit of a thrill! (after spending about a week banging my head about the Debian install which I could NOT get to work).

Now I need to proceed to move some files over to the Kuro (HG) and index them. I don’t (or wasn’t) running iTunes so I am not sure how to do this. Basically I have a stack of MP3 files that were just ripped from my CDs using Real Player and various other sources – would like to ftp the whole shebang onto the Kuro from my Windows drive and take it from there.

I didn’t yet find the Web admin for the mt-daapd but I’m sure it’s around here somewhere.