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@shadow wrote:

I have a Roku Soundbridge 1001 running 2.7 beta 4 with a NSLU2 running unslung 6.8 beta running firefly svn 1643 from Dec 17 nightly build. I am serving apple lossless files to my soundbridge with no problems some of my songs were ripped using iTunes 7.02.16 others were ripped using dbpoweramp. I have firefly configured to not transcode ALAC I have used this setup with both wired and wireless connections and it works fine only problem I have is after about 4 hours of playing the soundbridge will stop playback when you try to start playback again it will play 1 song then the Soundbridge will reboot. After the reboot you can select the play list again and it will start playing again for about another 4 hours. I do not know if the problem with the playback stopping is with firefly or the soundbridge I hope to try using Itunes this weekend to serve the soundbridge and see if it also stops playback after aprox 4 hours.

That actually won’t test the same stuff… serving iTunes it uses daap, not rsp, while when connected to firefly it uses rsp.

If the soundbridge reboots, though, there is definitely a soundbridge problem of some sort.