Reply To: 1463 apple lossless and soundbridge beta 2.7


@gordo wrote:

running mp4creator -optimize fixed things for itunes but now the soundbridge doesn’t play at all:

2006-12-24 14:24:03 (b6c1bba0): Session 0: Streaming file ’10 – Any Kind Of Love.m4a’ to (offset 24137)
2006-12-24 14:24:03 (b6c1bba0): Write error: Broken pipe

Looks like it either doesn’t like the metainfo, or it’s not decoding it properly. I’d post that on the roku forum and see if RokuMike would take a look at it. I think he’s on vacation for another week or so, though.

Do you have an iTunes created one you could test with?

— Ron