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Reply To: Stablest Nightly?


Eric Boring

OK, so I took the plunge and installed the latest nightly (1463) from debian. Easier than I thought.
So far so good, although it seems a little touchy about the web admin page and building playlists while music is playing. That seemed to crash the server. I will leave that alone and see how the music handles going to just one device at a time for a while.

One thing is for sure, though: Roku flips though the browse categories _much_ faster than it did under the stable release. That’s kind of cool.

Thanks for the encouragement with this. Pretty fun to muck around on the bleeding edge 😉


I should clarify: Whatever problems I had came about mucking about the static playlist page. I’ve been building smart playlists on the fly with the available tab and wizard, and haven’t had any problems yet. Very, very cool. This is fun!