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@rpedde wrote:

It’s possible it’s a permissions issue — the daemon runs as “nobody” so if it isn’t world readable, it won’t get picked up by the server. That’s one thing to check. The other is that it’s a type that the server scans. Make sure the file extension is listed in the “extensions” config line. tha’ts really all I can think of.

— Ron

I don’t think either of these are the origin of the problem. I just checked the permissions and they are just fine. I even did a chmod just in case and rebuilt the library. All files are mp3:s. And the amount of the songs that the web interface and iTunes reports is the same as the amount of files on the linux machine, they just don’t appear on the iTunes playlist. That’s what makes it just so odd.

The server has been working just fine until recently. The only configuration change that I remember was the latest iTunes update, i guess a month or so ago.

Is there another music player that’s mt-daapd-aware for OS X I could try to check if this is some odd iTunes bug?

Edit: Ok, i double checked the actual amount of files, and after all it seems that neither iTunes nor the web interface is reporting the correct file amount. It’s missing around 800 songs. I also found another oddity. I did a smart playlist in the mt-daapd.playlist that has all of the songs in it. In iTunes it reports 13045 songs in that playlist. The web interface and the default playlist reports having 12847 songs. There are no duplicate songs or anything in the smart playlist, and the songs that appear on the smart playlist that are missing from the default playlist are playable. Maybe i’ll try to dig manually into the songs.gdb file to check how that looks.

Oh, this thingy is called firefly nowadays, i’ll switch to using that.