Reply To: Some tracks not appearing in iTunes


@gramdel wrote:

I’m running mt-daapd 2.4 on opensuse 10.1.

Recently I noticed that some of the tracks on the mt-daapd database do not appear on the iTunes playlist (iTunes 7.0.2, OS X 10.4.8 ). The web browser interface reports the correct number of tracks (~12 000) and so does the iTunes playlist, but I can’t find or play some of the tracks. I don’t exactly know how many of those tracks are not appearing, and I’m not planning to count them manually, but I’d guess something like 10% is missing. Does anyone have similar experiences? I have tried deleting and rebuilding the library but that doesn’t seem to help.

It appears that exactly the same tracks are missing after rebuilding the library. The files themselves are fine and play without problems locally on the linux machine. I think the problem might have appeared after the lates iTunes update, but can’t be 100% sure about that.

Any ideas?


It’s possible it’s a permissions issue — the daemon runs as “nobody” so if it isn’t world readable, it won’t get picked up by the server. That’s one thing to check. The other is that it’s a type that the server scans. Make sure the file extension is listed in the “extensions” config line. tha’ts really all I can think of.

— Ron