Reply To: WiFi connection to Firefly on NSLU2 lost after 2 hours


@CCRDude wrote:

Actually I experience something similar every morning. Multicasting imho works fine here, since iTunes works fine all over the house and we’ve got some office applications that communicate through multicast as well.

Here it’s the newest beta firmware on the M1001 and a 3Com OfficeConnect 11g. Can hook it up to an Ethernet wire for a few days to report whether that really happens only over wireless (it’s quite new, so I haven’t played much with it anyway 😉 ).

I do also remember both messages from the log, but couldn’t find them for the last disconnect, may try to keep an eye on this as well.

I suppose it’s also possible it’s the mdns — I’m using a fairly old version of it. I suppose I could update it, but seems like macosforge has been down for months, so I gave up waiting for the bsd licensed version to become available again.

I see now it’s up, so i suppose I could merge that in. Worth a shot, I guess.