Reply To: Database doesn’t refresh


@dreamer wrote:

^ hmm, the mt-daapd.conf looks really different after running the web-config 😛

yeah, that’s the “new format” config file.

Anyway, do I put this in: Run As and then group?

Just put your logon name as the “runas” user. Then you won’t have to keep messing with permissions, as you always have rights to your folder.

The problem is when you run it as root, then it drops privs to run as “nobody” (or whoever the runas user is). Theory being that it provides a smaller attack cross-section.

When you change it to runas you, then when you start it as root, it immediately changes user to run as you, who has permissions to read the mp3 files, and everyone is happy.

or should be. Might have to chmod 777 /var/cache/mt-daapd, though.

— Ron