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@OzzyOsmond wrote:

1. My FireFly server isn’t picking up my .flac files. I added the “.flac” extension to the list of file types using the web interface and then rescanned my library, but they don’t show up. Any ideas?

First: what platform, version, etc?

Are you sure you put it in “extensions” and not “ssc_codecs”? You might double-check that. Then for grins, might just do a “full rescan” from the web interface rather than a regular scan.

2. FireFly doesn’t seem to recognize all of a file’s metadata properly. For example, I sort most of my music by genre. In many files, I change the genre using iTunes. I then go to the actual file and verify that the genre indeed changed. However, the old genre, before I made the edit, is what FireFly still recognizes. Is there a way to make FireFly recognize this kind of data properly?

That’s probably one of two things. If you are on a windows platform, and you have the drive that the music on formatted as FAT32 rather than NTFS, then windows returns the wrong times on file modification (localtime vs. utc) so it might take several hours for firefly to recognize the file has changed. I’m going to try and figure a workaround for that, but it may or may not ever work entirely correctly on fat32. Your workaround for that would be to convert the drive to ntfs.

The other thing it could be is bad id3v2 tags. A couple times I’ve seen malformed id3v2 tags that would make libid3tag pick up the id3v1 tags and ignore the id3v2 tags. The only thing to do in those instances are to strip the id3v2 tags and re-write them. Depending on platform, there are several ways to do that, but you’d have to email me a sample of that song for me to tell if that’s what it was or not.

— Ron