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fizze wrote:
lazy bum, you.
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Transcoding always happens server side. If it would happen at the client (soundbridge) side, then why would it transcode and not simply playback, eh?

Info about the Soundbridges you get best at RoKu’s site. Info about firefly is available there, too, since its kinda ‘customized’ for the SoundBridges.

Ok, wrong terminology….. 🙄
Here is my point:
Can you send an MP3-stream directly to a DAC? If you can, ok, there is nothing like “transcoding” on the client side. (stop reading, I give up! 🙂 )

Otherwise, what I would like to know: If there is – before the DAC – always somehing like an internal trans”forming” of the data stream from a, say MP3-file, to something that looks like a stream of data read from a wav-file, then the question arises whether you should do THIS transformation (which is – as I have learned – called “transcoding” when it goes from one file to another file) on the server or on the client side. If you do it on the client side, there is much less data-transfer from server to client, but – and that’s what I’m interested in – what about error-correction for example?
So, could it make sense to transcode MP3 to WAV on the server, even if the client can handle MP3 (and your WLAN is idle anyway)?