Reply To: Difference between Firefly 1.0 and versions on this site?


@toecheese wrote:

I installed Firefly 1.0 from the link on the Roku site. But when I come to this site looking for updates, the program has a different name and a totally different numbering scheme. How do I know which version is newer than the 1.0 that I have? This is kinda confusing, is there a reason that the new releases aren’t synchronized with Roku’s site?

The version that the 1.0 is built on is svn-1359, so everything past that is newer.

The reason for the name conflicts is that the old name of the project was mt-daapd, and that wasn’t very marketing friendly, so it got changed to firefly.

It’s amazingly painful to change the name of a project, though. I have version control stuff that’s dependant on that name, and the souceforge site that’s hosting it won’t allow name changes, and name changes in packages cause problems when upgrading on some unix systems, so I’ve left it named mt-daapd on the unix binaries in order to smooth the upgrade process for unix users.

At some point I’ll have to bite down and do the great rename, but it probably won’t be until I’m ready to release a stable for unix.

Short answer: nightlies are always newer.