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@lee810 wrote:

We’re running a Broadcom 4875 which is in the same family as the 4780 used in the original Maxtor Shared Storage device except it has better performance. We have a version of the 3.0 mipsel-linux hndtools (also available on my FAQ site) for compiling.

Seems like the problems I ran into is that I needed g++ for one of the prereqs and 3.0 didn’t have g++. Is that still the case?

We’ll look into use ipkg. The only issue now is that a lot of the directories are cramfs which are not writable. If we figure a work-around for that, then maybe we can use ipkg in the future.

The unslung ipkgs ( only write (afaik) to /opt, so a symlinked /opt to the installed hard drive would be sufficient, I think.

Should be able to grab the optware svn tree and try to build it all with the 3.0 tools (I’d build it as a mss, and link the hndtools dirs to the 3.0 toolchain).

Thanks for your help, Ron. The work you do for the Firefly community is quite admirable.

Hard to help too much without a system, but I’ll provide any help I can.

— Ron