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@lee810 wrote:

After looking at the release notes for the nightlies going back to the beginning, I think I’m getting a better picture of what might be going on. It appears that making the .aif tags appear requires scanning through the iTunes Library.xml file to put them in to the songs.db so that they can be seen on the Roku.

The iTunes Libary.xml scanning feature was added on the release Apr 27, 2005. On July 13, 2005, the update stated that the iTunes Library.xml could just be ‘dropped’ in the mp3_dir and it should figure out the paths to the actual files. I was concerned about this because the path to the files on the PC will definitely be different than the path on a NAS device. So I assume this means that Firefly figures out how to translate the relative paths to the files.

However, aiff support wasn’t added until June 16, 2006. Since the version we compiled for the HP Media Vault was from March 1, 2006, then this may account for why we can’t see the .aif metadata. I’ll have to grab the latest version and try recompiling it and will report back here.

Lee Devlin

Correct. There are two pieces of the metadata — the file/header based stuff like bitrate, channels, song duration, etc. That’s calculated since the June 16 version. The rest of it — artist, album, etc comes from the iTunes music library.xml.

Yes, if you dump the xml file somewhere above the music, it works pretty hard to figure out the right path to the songs and augment the metadata with the stuff it finds in iTunes. So you should be able just to dump it in the root of the share and have it work.

You’ll need libsqlite (or libsqlite3 > 3.3.0) as an additional prereq. If you want support for ogg and flac transcoding, you’ll need libogg, libflac, and libvorbisfile as well for the metadata, and the ogg123 and the flac binaries for transcoding. If you want musepack support, you’ll need taglib and the mpc binary for transcoding. (I don’t provide mpc support in the binaries I build, and nobody seems to mind — presumably those that use musepack build their own).

If your machine has no floating point, you’ll need the tremor codec and a hacked version of ogg123 that supports the integer decoder (similar to ivorbis-tools in unslung).

If you get all that, I have no doubt it will run.

What kind of platform is it? It is a broadcom mipsel platform like the Maxtor right? How are you compiling it? With the broadcom hndtools? 3.0 or 3.2.3? Linux or ulibc?

And have you thought about porting ipkg?