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@kenzo wrote:

I’d like to request a n00b FAQ for installing Firefly on a HP MediaVault.

It would take someone actually installing it first to be able to make a FAQ, and I don’t have one. 🙂

Looks like a nice box, though.

In any event, I think porting it to run on that particular nas box is a losing proposition. I think a better solution would be to get ipkg running on the box, and setting it up to use the nslu2 optware tree. I think the media vault is broadcom mipsel platform, and there are already mipsel binaries in unslung, and provided at my ipkg feed.

I’d be happy to help anyone who needed firefly specific questions answered, but I’d be limited in what I could do without one of these boxes.

Again, though, I’d recommend getting the thing to run optware. If you do that, then you automatically get hundreds of packages that will run on the box.

— Ron