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Reply To: Limit smart playlists ?



@fizze wrote:

well, for the indices (idx) – if its just an auto-increment, that doesnt mean its bound to be complete? as in – without gaps?
its does not need to be, anyhow.

It’s id that’s the oid, not idx.

But yeah, it’s complete, but it’s in the order it gets scanned from disk, not the order in which they were ripped into the collection.

A full rescan kinda kills most of those since the date_added gets reset, doesnt it ? 😉

Mostly, but you figure the date added is the date the file was created, and that is either the date in the db, or the ctime, whichever is older. So yeah, if you modified the file after it was added and did a full rescan, then you lose the ctime data, and the date_added becomes the date it was modified. But it’s better than nothing, I guess.