Reply To: DebianSlug Arm package


To come so far, I have reinstalled uclibc-opt, while originally I had installed uclibc. There are 2 packages in the oleg branch, one is called uclibc-opt, the other uclibc. I thought that I needed uclibc, not uclibc-opt, but that is a mistake.

Now I hope Ron can give me a clue about this new error.

For the first time I own a Roku Soundbridge, using mt-daapd as streaming server with ogg as my preferred music format, I can actually hear the Music. “Communication is the problem to the answer”, sings 10CC.

Ron, with the above mentioned quircks I could configure (i)vorbis-tools(1.0) without errors. But, as said, make gave errors about yes/lib not being there, so I edited several makefiles (in oggdec and oggenc etc) to change yes/lib into /opt/lib. I had configured with –prefix=/opt, but apparently that did not lead to sound makefiles. Now Make proceeded a bit further, but then gave another error in ogg123.
I got mad…
Now I edited the Makefile in ivorbis-tools, and removed every subdir except oggdec. I ran make clean. I ran make again… no errors(!). I ran ipkg install ivorbis-tools. I ran make install. This installed ONLY oggdec, BUT still the big endian, noise producing version! (? what about your patch?)
I got madder. Angry. So I edited oggdec.c. Removed the big-endian stuff. Ran make clean, make, make install… No, I copied the resulting oggdec binary.
And now finally, finally, at last, this damn Roku does not produce noise anymore.

I was planning a How-to, but this is just to laborious to reproduce. So I will offer my precious little oggdec for download, if possible.

Still, I wonder: what on earth did Xaviour that he could come away with, ha, it works, thanx, goodbye, good luck…