Reply To: DebianSlug Arm package


@mumsoft wrote:

I don’t know for sure, but I don’t think that packages for the wl-500g are useful for the WL-700gE with KCFurge template. I might have tried some in the past and did not succeed.

That could be, but the unslung build chain is really featureful, and easy to repeatably cross-compile. Doing random cross-compilation without the unslung build-harness is fraught with problems, in my experience.

Every time I’ve tried to port to something with cross-compiler, it was always hit or miss — some packages compiled with different options, etc.

If the wl-700ge firmware could be made compatible with unslung, it would be a win for everyone. Not the least of all, users, who would have thousands of packages to choose from.

I guess it’s easy to see I’m something of an unslung bigot — seems like it’s easy to get a platform working with unslung, and once that’s done, the benefits are huge.

Meanwhile, I didn’t yet compile with oleg. I’ll still try it. If nothing else, you can untar the ipkg and see if it runs.

— Ron