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It’s a pity that xaviour is not looking here anymore. he has a Asus WL-700gE like me and could recompile oggdec succesfully.

Just a thought. I can’t send him/her a private message, as this board does not allow it.
But I guess someone here, Ron?, can.
Just a little question to be so kind to look at my stumbling over ivorbis-tools. Is that possible?

I have another option. That is, to wait. Just wait. I have never had a problem with Linux that wasn’t solved by just waiting.

But for the moment I feel sorry that I have bought this Roku Soundbridge and trusted that Firefly could serve it my ogg files.

I’m not sure I understand the problem. Did you ipkg install “ivorbis-tools”?

That has all the right patches and everything. If you are on an optware platform, that should work. It uses the right endianness based on the platform and enables or disables byteswapping appropriately.

So what isn’t working? Do you get noise when you try to transcode ogg, or does it just not transcode? Because it doesn’t look like you should be having problems if you are using the optware stuff.