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Reply To: on the fly conversion doesnt work



@mas wrote:

Well this is in the config:

extensions = .mp3,.m4a,.m4p,.ogg,.flac,.url,.alac
ssc_codectypes = ogg,flac,alac
ssc_prog = /opt/sbin/

plugin_dir = /share/hdd/conf/firefly/plugins
plugins =,

And yes, I moved the firefly webroot + plugins to /share/hdd/conf/firefly and /opt/bin/ is the location of the script.
I also just looked into that script and verified the path to oggdec is right.

So dunno why it wouldnt transcode. It also appeared as if iTunes was waiting for a wav stream when I tried to playbakc the ogg.

Ah, sorry, you are probably right. I thought it said “transcoding” not “streaming” when it was transcoding. I guess I have to fix that. 🙂

Check that /opt/sbin/ is executable and the shebang is right — I think it uses /opt/bin/bash, so check that. Also, try adding explicit paths to oggdec rather than just assuming it’s on the path.

Guess I could fix that too.

– Ron