Reply To: Mt-daapd, NSLU2 and Unicode


@fizze wrote:

yeah, I am thinking of that too.
I just got me a pinnacle showcenter 200 and currently stream it off the same nslu as mt-daapd and other stuff.
Swisscenter is a no-no, but there are other progz floating around.
Anyhow, I think unslung 6.8 has extremeley poor file-I/O performance, as I get less than 1MByte / sec via FTP and a bit less still via SMB transfer. Writing to the Slug, that is.

It is enough for streaming HD content, though. Barely.

Ron what do you get with your debonaras?

This is getting interesting. I am also looking for my next mt-daap enabled NAS solution. I do have a buffalo Tera Pro but it is just for storage for the time being.

Would love to see Raid disk,Debian and Mt-daapd for my next NAS.

How about the Thecus N2100?