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Reply To: Mt-daapd, NSLU2 and Unicode



@fizze wrote:

sweet. is debianslug any hard to install?
Or do you see any major performance/stability etc. improvements?

I’ve always vowed to move to Debian, as soon as I get a few days off…

The new debianslug is very stright forward, complete instructions are below. Should be the 2nd easiest – 1st go to Unslung of course.

The only issue with this version is little-endian mode. Not sure if the current nighties of the debian arm package works or not.

I am so happy that all UTF-8 locale is installed by default. It took me about 10mins to get all my works done after the Debian installation – enable UTF-8 support in the terminal and Samba , plus getting the mt-daapd package installed via apt-get. 😀

Traditional Chinese and Japanese files are now storing properly in unicode within the slug. I could never get this done on Unslung 6.8.