Reply To: Firefly drops off network after a few hours


@cshelton wrote:

All of this would seem consistent with a firewall problem except that I’m not running a firewall on my router (or at least I really don’t think I am 🙂 ) and then I would expect the same problems with iTunes (although that may demonstrate my misunderstanding). It would also be consistent with a wireless problem, except that the same problem happens when going from mt-daapd on my Kuro to iTunes on my PC.

The other symptom I’d guess you were seeing but didn’t report is that if you stop and start the server on the Kuro, it appears again in the iTunes server list.

This happens when the box acting as a server doesn’t receive mdns requests. Usually this is because the box in question (the Kuro) has a firewall that’s blocking packets to on port 5353. It can also happen if you are running a kernel without multicast enabled.

You can check to see if you are running some kind of firewall on the Kuro, if so, try disabling it. If that works, then you can work to get specific rules for the multicast.

If the latter is the problem, you can sometimes work around it by forcing your network card into promiscuous mode. (ifconfig eth0 promisc)

— Ron