Reply To: export itunes ratings to mt-daapd


I recently made some tests with ratings, which is new ground for me.
Since I dont use iTunes, and always liked winamp, I though, wth, lets try winamp ML’s ratings.
Bugger though, as Winamp (just as iTunes) does not save its ratings in the track metadata.

There is support for iTunes xml however, so I guess that would work.

As I also use a rockbox’d DAP, I’d really like to have the ratings in the track metadata.

1.) Does mt-daapd read and use the ratings from track metadata, or is iTunes xml the only source?
2.) What happens when track metadata with rating is present, AND iTunes XML ratings as well?
3.) Is there a way to export the iTunes XML ratings into track metadata?

4.) Does anyone know a half-decent application to set and maintain track metadata, especially ratings?