Reply To: export itunes ratings to mt-daapd



many thanks for your help with this issue.

i was on the “stable” release, as you correctly stated. reading the install wiki for the nslu2, i upgraded (dont actually know if this is an updated version or simply a different version altogether) to the “nightlies” version, by adding the “firefly.conf” file in the /etc/ipkg/ directory and reinstalling mt-daapd

i then had to work to get the proper configuration to have it working as intended. this seemed to work for me:
in the mt-daapd.conf file, i enabled the “playlists file”, “m3u” and “mp3_data” options accordingly, among others. the mt-daapd.playlist is the original one i had written for the stable version.
i uploaded BOTH the “itunes library.itl” AND “itunes music library.xml” files from windows machine (local profile – my docsmy musicitunes) to the M: (which is also /opt/music from the NSLU2’s point of view). restarted the mt-daapd application. this took much longer to restart and scan fully. there were also numerous entries in the log file, but so long as the daemon started, it seemed to cause no particular issues.

opened the windows itunes client and connected to the shared library. it took a long time to display all the files, but eventually they appeared along with my star ratings! woohoo!
i then worked on a temporary solution to have the 2 required files copied across on shutdown of windows, so that the library gets updated. a more permanent solution is still required…

many thanks for pointing me in the right direction.