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@jingo_man wrote:

i have a somewhat confusing setup, but i’ll try to explain as simply as possibly!

i have a windows itunes library, which is used for editing tracks (taggings/ratings/etc). the files for this are stored on a samba share provided by a NSLU2 device as drive M:

in turn, the NSLU2 runs a mt-daapd server, from the same files (/opt/music/). it picks up all the tagging that i do from the windows machine, and i share this out to my LAN, so that the device connected to my hifi can pick it up and play my tunes through proper speakers.

the only thing is that the NSLU2 mt-daapd does not pick up the iTunes ratings, as this is something maintained in the iTunes database and not applied to the tags – from what i believe. can this be achieved?

how are ratings applied to the mt-daapd server?
how can i simply export the itunes ratings from the db? or get the mt-daapd to scan for it?

i have a scheduled job at 3am to stop and restart the mt-daapd server, so it picks up the smart playlists i have put together (only able to do this on start of the server, i.e. it doesnt refresh) and could use this if need be…

many thanks in advance.


You must be running nightlies, not 0.2.4. Once you have upgraded to nightlies, then you can just copy the iTunes Music Library.xml into the root of the M drive, and it shoudl pick it all up.

— Ron