Reply To: Noob installing on Mandriva 2006 help


@dnoyeb wrote:

Looks like I need to install gnudb manager? Is that the same as sqlite? I saw this in the mandriva quick install thing.

Also, I dont see any stable releases beyond February. do I need to download a nightly? Has there been a stable release since it was dubbed firefly?

Shouldn’t need gdbm — that’s for the 0.2.4 version. Sqlite is what’s required for nightlies.

The nightlies series is a lot different than the stable series, sadly. Although you can use whatever works for you. 0.2.4 or nightlies. It’s just a matter of features. If you want to transcode ogg or flac or something, then you’ll want nightlies.

svn-1359 and svn-1379 are both reasonably stable.

— Ron