Reply To: NLSU2 nightlies issue


@garfy wrote:

Interested in Serving xml-rpc method …. thats my itunes pc, even though its not connected that is shown all the time! Is this a prob, do I need to switch itunes off? … though thinking bout it is this just the web interface to my pc??

Yup. That’s it.

Even the browse songs! returns …. 16000 items! (though it is noticable the roku M1000 goes a bit wobbly then for a few secs!! )

I thought ~20k was the memory limit on the Roku, so you might be getting close on that.

2006-12-08 07:19:45 (0000cc05): Write error: Broken pipe

in the logfile.

That means the connection was closed.

Have noticed issues with Roku on this latest release, so maybe its more Roku than server! Seem to crash occasionaly especialy if you try and exit a browse or search, (cancel reuqest) … crashes and a power reboot is required.

That seems to be the Roku. I’ve noticed that connections closing or out of the ordinary stuff make the soundbridge wedge, too.

Generally it sounds to me like wireless problems. Can you test with the roku wired? At least to rule that out?