Reply To: NLSU2 nightlies issue


@garfy wrote:

Im streaming from the slug, so is this something I should expect or something I can improve?

I don’t have that many, I’m at about 7K songs, and I don’t see browse problems. Generally, I don’t see browse problems reported, though, so perhaps it’s something else.

Mind, my itunes is trying to reorganise all my music folders over the cifs share at the moment, so maybe that explains it!

That’s possible. In a low memory situation, the sqlite slows down considerably. There are a couple things to try, if you are game. Let me know if you continue to have problems. If so, we can add a couple indexes and see what that does.

Main reason Im asking (and the bone I have to pick with you), is already having 3 roku’s 500 in bedroom, 1000 lounge, 2000 living room, Im now thinking of getting a roku radio for kitchen! Wondering if Im beginning to get beyond realms of slug! Interested in your opinion! Please pass feedback to Roku, that it is your magicaly improving server that is making me do it!!!!

I think that’s doable. Depends on if we can get the browses stable. I keep hoping that soon I’ll get the gdbm backend back in, and that might help stuff too.

Anything I can do to improve browse performance? (Im thinking about beginning to elete tracks, 16k is a bit rediculous!)

Let me know if it gets better once you aren’t shuffling iTunes stuff around. Also, are you using the slug for anything else? Anything that might be using a lot of memory?