Reply To: NLSU2 nightlies issue


Ron … hope you read this first!

Please ignore all of above, have now got it working!

Have spent loads of time today playing and investigating! Think I now have my head around playlists, and have upgraded to 1433. Work will just have to wait!!

Very impressed with the handling of itunes playlists, all the magicaly appearing are the ones I have accidentaly downloaded (shhhhhh!!)

Anyway …….. this product is BRILLIANT!

One general comment : I have 16k songs, and I find the browse function quite often fails, somewhere between 1 in every 2 or 3 attempts. Can be a bit frustrating.

Im streaming from the slug, so is this something I should expect or something I can improve?

Mind, my itunes is trying to reorganise all my music folders over the cifs share at the moment, so maybe that explains it!

Main reason Im asking (and the bone I have to pick with you), is already having 3 roku’s 500 in bedroom, 1000 lounge, 2000 living room, Im now thinking of getting a roku radio for kitchen! Wondering if Im beginning to get beyond realms of slug! Interested in your opinion! Please pass feedback to Roku, that it is your magicaly improving server that is making me do it!!!!

I must say even with all 3 running and itunes streaming, streaming tracks down is v quick, and once playing I have no probs, its just the browsing thats slow!

Anything I can do to improve browse performance? (Im thinking about beginning to elete tracks, 16k is a bit rediculous!)