Reply To: NLSU2 nightlies issue


Thanks Ron you’re a genius, all up and running on the stable release now!

Couple more questions ….

1 – Is it worth me moving to the nightlies version … any major benefits?
Is the process for upgrading to nightlies defined anywhere, dont want to rerun … if it breaks like last time!
(I.e. will the itunes playlsist work on 0.2.4)


Installing a nightly build –

To do this, you need to tell the slug about the software feed from To do this telnet into your slug and enter the following command

# echo “src firefly” > /etc/ipkg/firefly.confNow enter the command

# ipkg updateNow enter the command

# ipkg install mt-daapd

Should this work? If so, might give it another go!
(will kill all daemons and delete DB before upgrading this time though!! 😳 )

At least I know I can get back!

Secondly ……..
Still cant get this thing with the playlists going! (back on stable now though) I basicaly run itunes mapped to the NAS share of the slug, so all my music, and the default itunes library files are all in z:mp3. Therefore on the slug everything is in publicmp3
(I only do this for managing my id3 tags and 1 pc, most music is listened to on roku players)

Ive tried switching on and off playlists in the conf file, and setting the process /m3u directive switch, but still dont seem to be seeing my itunes playlists.

I am seeing some playlists when this is done, but I literaly dont knwo where theyre coming from! (prob be being stupid). Theyre not the same as my itunes ones!

Anyway … should I expect this to work on stable release? Am I missing something obvious?

Nothing to report in logs …. do I need to change any debug switches to see whats happening?

The mt-daapd playlists do work, it just means I have to duplicate!

Is the library.xml file being in z:mp3 enought, or do I have to export each playlist? The more I try the more confused Im getting, yet everything on the forums seems to point to this being really simple, so Im thinking Im overcomplicating things somewhere down the line!

Any help appreciated!

Thanks again for the help ….. I love this server its great with the rokus!