Reply To: NLSU2 nightlies issue


@garfy wrote:

2006-12-06 20:51:01 (00000400): Error: database is locked

The mt-daapd daemon will not start at all.

Looks like there is already a copy running. Do a “killall -9 mt-daapd”, then delete the (possibly broken) database:

rm /opt/var/cache/mt-daapd/songs.db

Permissions should be right on that db, but wouldn’t hurt to do a “chown nobody /opt/var/cache/mt-daapd”

Then try starting it again. Watch your log files and watch for problems starting. It may take a fair amount of time to index the first time. Don’t get nervous and try to restart it or anything. Let it index. Watch your logs to see when you are done with the index and see if you can see it remotely.

Also, it wouldn’t hurt (and I don’t know if you did this or not) to let it overwrite your existing config file. That way you get a new config without carrying along any of the old baggage, or being confused by the old config file format.

Wanted to try and go back to the stable release, but back tracking on instructions
i.e. removing
# echo “src firefly” > /etc/ipkg/firefly.conf

something like:

# rm /etc/ipkg/firefly.conf
# ipkg update
# ipkg remove mt-daapd
# ipkg install mt-daapd

should do it.

Im basicaly looking to want to export my itunes library to the NAS share (all my mp3’s are picked up from a z drive mapped to the slug NAS) so I can pick up the itunes playlists for the Rokus’. Is this correct, or am I fundamentaly wrong. I am slightly confused, as my itunes xml refers to z: as the mappinggs etc.

Yup, once you get it running, just dump the xml file into the root of the Z drive, and it will pick it up.

— Ron