Reply To: DAAP SSH tunneling time out


@mas wrote:

You don’t have to look for malice… that’s just how multicast works. It doesn’t even route well on a local network, much less doing crazy stuff like ssh tunnels. Smile

Well iTunes 4.0 it did work, then 4.01 Apple disabled it deliberately as the musci industry was getting pissed. So far I understood it.

But yeah the problem may really be the client. You cant tell the iTunes client to connect to an IP, thats the problem it seems.

But actually devices like the roku’s or any other DAAP/RSP player could simply accept an IP option then it should work remote without ssh.

So ssh-tunnel is the only way to trick it so far?

Not exactly sure what you mean, exactly. It’s not really a “trick”, it’s just a way to get a connection from behind another nat. There isn’t any reason you couldn’t just run the server on a public ip address, then you wouldn’t need ssh-tunnel at all. The tunnel is just a way to traverse firewalls without poking holes or letting random people be able to see your daap server.

Now, true, you still have to have some way of discovering it, but again, that’s not an apple thing. You wouldn’t want service discovery stuff working across the whole internet, or you’d see everyone’s iTunes in the whole world. (although you could probably find any kind of music you were looking for).

So that’s the rendezvous proxy.

As far as direct connections to IP… that may actually have gone away. But I’m sure you could use a rendezvous proxy to stuff a remote address in there — I don’t think iTunes can’t *connect* to a remote subnet, I just think it won’t *accept* connections from a remote subnet.

Well, so I guess there is a trick in there after all. 🙂

And yeah, it is kinda chickenshit of apple to cripple the program intentionally in that way, but what do you do?