Reply To: DAAP SSH tunneling time out


@mas wrote:

Hmmm Apple has actually made the life harder for people here because of pressure from the industry not to share this music further than the local network requiring these ssh-tunnel workarounds.

But firefly has no obligation to Apple and even supports the RSP alternative protocol anyway. So I am wondering if there isnt a way to simply make firefly announce the DAAP and RSP protocols in a way that doesnt limit it to the the local network but uses a mechanism that works without tunnels.

Dunno if I understand the underlying nw technique good enough but I happen to think that if Apple can turn this off then an Apple independant server may as well turn it on again or?

You don’t have to look for malice… that’s just how multicast works. It doesn’t even route well on a local network, much less doing crazy stuff like ssh tunnels. 🙂

And you could make some other announcement protocol, but then it wouldn’t work with iTunes, and that’s the primary purpose for the software.

There really isn’t a way around it, but it’s not because of evil on the part of apple. It’s just how it works.