Reply To: DAAP SSH tunneling time out


Well, after some testing, I came to the conclusion its not a time out issue. It seems pretty easy to reproduce. Just select a song, let it play a few seconds and select another one for immediate play. I think iTunes get confused a bit. When I start iTunes, it starts listening on and my rendezvous proxy runs on I thought that my iTunes had sharing on but no. It had the sharing of my library deactivated and only the option to look for other shared libary on.
Why does iTunes would want to listen on that port since it does not share anything ? Is there a way to turn this off ?
When I start my proxy, it listens on and works well when all operation are ‘bundled’. But as soon as I want to skip a track or listen to something else, it fails and I see the listen socket in funky states ( FIN_WAIT … )
I will try to host it on a different box and see if it help, but I rather run it locally so I stay ‘under the radar’ at the office.
Any suggestions ?
Patrick S.