Reply To: DAAP SSH tunneling time out


@sansp00 wrote:

It’s not a Firefly issue, but I thought that maybe someone might be able to give me some pointers.
I notice that my SSH tunnel for DAAP in between home and the office seems to stop working/timing out after around 3 songs ( ~10 minutes ) of listening. I restart the tunnel and things are back to normal.

I am using plink on my work XP box and connect to my NSLU2 running at home running behind a WGR614.

Thanks for the input !
Patrick S.

It may not be a ssh thing, it may be your firewall at work dropping the nat connection. Kind of dumb, but maybe you could try running some background traffic on that connection… maybe open the status page, and let it keep refreshing to keep traffic flowing?

Dumb idea, but worth a try. Maybe it buffers most of the song and then there is a long enough pause while it’s playing that the firewall decides the connection terminated?

— Ron