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@fizze wrote:

well, “unable to open DB” speaks a different language.
either your McAffee blocks access, or something else is wrong with the rig.

you can connect fine and see all content for 10-15 minutes though?

It’s McAfee. SQLite does transactions by opening the database in exclusive write, and closing the database when the transaction is done. McAfee in its realtime scanning “feature” blocks access to the file while it scans it *for every sqlite transaction*.

Furthermore, McAfee doesn’t have a way to exclude a file from scanning. Strangely, I don’t hear this from any users except McAfee. I would have thought I’d have heard it from Norton or Kaspersky or whoever else, but there must be something a little different that McAfee does that the other guys don’t. Not sure what.

I did notice that the release notes for sqlite 3.3.6 says: “Changes include improved tolerance for windows virus scanners”. I was going to tr a 3.3.8 version and see what it did.

But you can test this yourself… download the sqlite 3.3.8 dll here:

    * Stop the firefly server
    * Copy the .dll file from the zip file into your c:program filesfirefly media server.
    * Start the server, go into the web config page by using the pushbutton on the tray applet to open the config page.
    * Go to the “config” tab on the web interface
    * Set the display to advanced
    * Change the “db type” to sqlite3.
    * Stop the server
    * Start the server
    * Wait for the scan to finish

I’d be interested to hear if it helped.

— Ron