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I tried just scanning programs and documents but it lost the server again. I dowloaded Firefly from the Roku site. I’m not sure what you mean by your other suggestions and how I would go about getting those downloads or which one to get. By the way, thanks for all your help!

Wait until the next nightly, and I’ll get the newer sqlite3 in there.

— Ron

I’ve been having exactly the same problem. The log gives the same information as posted previously and I am running Macafee as well. I have tried all the possible fixes already suggested but none seem to make any difference.
Has a new nightly with the newer sqlite been added yet as I can’t see it.
Just as a thought, it may be a coincidence but this appeared to start happening after I installed IE7 and Microsoft Defender. I disabled defender but it didn’t make any difference.
Any other suggestions for a fix to this problem?