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Reply To: Cross compile for NSLU2



@fizze wrote:

sweetness, changed the symlink /bin/sh -> /bin/bash, and now the build script worked like a charm.

Used your files archive, and updated the Makefile, downloaded 1463 and built just fine.

A question though:
Is there something like ‘latest’ on the nightlies page?
Or can I just checkout the stuff from the trac-trunk and overwrite my sources?
Will the make mt-daapd-ipk always download from the site i set up there?

If you wanted latest latest latest, you’d have to subversion. My process looks something like:

~$ svn co mt-daapd
~$ cd mt-daapd
~$ cp
~$ cp
~$ ./

That sets up the VERSION info and builds a mt-daapd-svn-xxxx.tar.gz. Then you can copy that to a local web server, and point the make file at that webserver location & version number, if that makes sense.

If that’s what I think you are asking.